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Ever Feel Completely Uninspired?

Ever been in a funk, a really foul funk? Not the normal, I have had a bad day funk, but like the I have had a bad year kind of funk? I have definitely been in one lately. After coming back from Kapital Kidvention, I felt so fresh and inspired, like nothing could make me put my paint brush down. I had won my first award, and met tons of new artist, I felt like I had got my groove back. Then just like that, it was gone.

Over the past several weeks I have been feeling pretty crappy. I lost my Mom (and best friend) almost six months ago. Its rough every day, but I was able to carry on and dive head first into my business to keep myself busy. Then about three weeks ago, I lost my Grandma. The added sadness has made it much harder this time, I can't seem to shake it. I truly love my job, I mean I have the best job in the world right? So what do we do when we start feeling uninspired? I think we all have different ways of healing ourselves, but for me, it's volunteering. It is getting back to the heart of where I started. So this Tuesday my wonderful friends Amy Holmes (Looney Ballooney) and Jen Doss (Dayton Face Painters) and I are all going to be volunteering for the Andy Dalton Foundation. I am hoping this kind of amazing event will help me put things back into perspective. I plan to keep on volunteering multiple times a month, as we always have, and hope that each grateful smile will help heal just a small piece of my broken heart. It's easy to forget just how blessed we are sometimes, and I don't ever want to be where I take my overwhelming blessings for granted.

On a side note, after struggling through a gig tonight, I met this young boy, age of 8, who I could find no other description for except a "shooting star", he was smart and articulate, and his manners were on point. He was creative, and held a more intelligent conversation with me than most adults. His parents couldn't possibly understand what his sweet spirit did for me this evening. It was like getting a glimpse of hope for our future generation. I without hesitation told them how special he was, as I am sure they already knew.

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