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Minding your own Business

Every year I come up with new goals for my business and I also come up with a new focus. This year My slogan for new focus is "Mind your own Business", see what I did there? It is so easy to be caught up in what everyone else is doing, and of course there are always competitors who just plain do dirty business. At the beginning of this year I was solely focused on stopping someone from using my business name and slogan to promote their own business, but after a long Chat from with my friend Tal from The Art Factory, she helped me to really refocus on what is important, and that is just being the best I can be. So this year my focus is my business, promotion, marketing, skill, and most important delivering top of the line service to my clients in any condition.

I ended 2017 strong accomplishing some new goals for myself, and I started 2018 strong with finally hitting a long term goal of instructing for a major convention, and taking home another face painting award. Heather from Sillyfarm Supplies has been a constant encouragement for the last year or so and has even featured my work in two of her company newsletters. I am saving for Fabaic 2019, which is the biggest face painters convention in the United States and I am so excited to learn more things to bring back to my clients. This is an ever growing industry and the worst thing you can do is let yourself fall behind, and I refuse to do that. Cincinnati Face Painters will continue to pride ourselves on bringing the best to the Cincinnati Area.

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