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2021 We are so happy to be back working!

Covid was so hard on everyone, but the entertainment industry in particular came to a screeching halt. In the meantime I was very fortunate to be able to sew to supplement some of my income. However, nothing is like face painting, and I greatly missed my job, my passion, the kids and the people.

May 1, 2021 I was finally fully vaccinated and so happy to be able to open my business back up. While we had to make lots of changes to the entire operation, I would be happy to do anything just to be able to come back to doing what I love.

For the past couple years, I have been blessed to work with KY Survivor Outreach Services. Some of those families have become friends and I missed them so much last year. Words cannot explain what Covid took from people, but I just wanted to share what reuniting with one of those special kids looks like.


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