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Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation Date Night

For the second year I have had the pleasure of working at the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation Date Night. This is such an amazing event that our local home town heroes put on every year. They invite families who have children with special medical needs and developmental disabilities to come and they treat the Parents to a wonderful all expense paid dinner at the Netherland Hilton in Cincinnati, and AJD provides individual care from Skidaddles and medical care for the kids, along with games, pictures, entertainment, and dinner. It's such a wonderful gift for the parents to have a child free dining experience while knowing their children are safe and having the time of their lives.

Jordan and Andy meet and play with all their guests one on one, providing life long memories for the children and their parents. I've included a small gallery of photos along with a link from with a gallery from the event.

We love having the ability to help put smiles on the faces of these wonderful children of Cincinnati, and I also love being able to work with other artist with the same passion! I had the pleasure of working with Amy Holmes of Looney Balloney and Jen Doss of Dayton Face Painters. They are some of my closest friends and we genuinely had a blast giving back last night.

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